Thanks pops

Are you fucking kidding me? You worthless piece of trash i asked you to take 3 minutes of your life while i was gone working my ass for 3 days straight in the middle of bum fuck nowhere to fill out 2 pieces of paper so that I could do the second half of YOUR job and take the papers so that i can have money to go to fucking COLLEGE! instead you take your slut girlfriend out to get plastered while your 12 year old daughter sits at home alone. It make me fucking sick that you get to call yourself my father this is the last straw all the times you hit me growing up and all the times you said i was a disappoint have become so ironic over the years it’d almost humorous but this is you fucking up my future, my fucking life. I couldn’t possibly be more disgusted with you nor more done with you all together. The second my sister is old enough to get away from you i won’t have to be around to take care of her because I’ve had to be the only adult in her life. So you sure as hell won’t hear from me again. I hope you rot alone. Fuck you.


i dont like kanyes neck rolls

Dis nigga


@silasbaxterface photo @datgoto (Taken with Instagram)

big old back d on one of my fav spots

the fuck? you think you’re Goku nigga. lol

Flying nimbussss!